Katie Keys is one of the artists who inspired me to make “Fine Line”. So I am very excited about our new collaboration. Katie is a poet, writer, arts manager and advocate. We met when she was the CEO of Arts Access Australia, the organisation I now run. I was intrigued by her creative discipline to write a poem a day on twitter. You can follow her at @tinylittlepoems and enjoy her 140 character poems. Her conscious decision to keep creativity on her agenda whilst managing a national organisation with limited resources made me re-evaluate my own approach to my arts practice … and here I am.

So now to the collaboration. I asked Katie if she would like to create a series of tiny little poems in response to my songs. I am delighted that she agreed. Here’s the first one in response to track 1: “Monsters”.

In the night
when the whispers
grow too loud to hear,
like a chorus
of shadows unmet.
You’re scared of the things
that you can’t see to fear
and the things that
you’ll never forget.


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